Rapid Defrosting Tray, Defrost Chicken, Steak and Other Meats Quickly, No Mess Tray Included, Thaw Frozen Foods Faster Without a Microwave or Hot Water, Quick and Safe

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Product Information

  • DEFROSTING TRAY FOR FROZEN MEAT SAVES ENERGY, SPEEDS NATURAL THAWING: Defrosting frozen meat in hot water or a microwave ruins its taste and texture. Simply place frozen meat on the defrosting tray. The meat thaws quickly. It's the healthiest way to prep frozen foods. The defrost tray gives you naturally-thawed, fresher-tasting meat, preserving all its essential nutrients. Enjoy the full flavor of all your favorite meat dishes. This meat thawing tray is a must for every kitchen.


  • THE SECRET IS IN THE MEAT DEFROSTER TRAY'S SPECIAL MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Our defrost tray for meat is made of the finest grade of Aluminum with non-stick, food-grade silicone coating. Aluminum is highly effective at transferring heat, first from the thawing plate to the frozen food and then from the environment, to rapidly thaw frozen meat from within. Our food defroster tray offers you a quicker, healthier and more flavorful way to prep mouth-watering meat dishes.


  • MORE THAN MEAT. LOAD UP YOUR QUICK DEFROSTING TRAY WITH POULTRY, FISH AND VEGGIES, TOO: Our quick thawing tray for frozen meat measures an ample 14'" x 8.1"W x 0.6"H. Lots of room to thaw multiple items at once. The generous surface of the defroster tray means food thaws faster, too. Large, thick pieces of meat, including frozen chicken, steak, pork or lamb chops, take as little as 30-60 minutes, while smaller, thinner cuts of meat, fish and veggies will defrost up to 3 to 5 times faster.


  • DESIGNED FOR EASY USE, CLEAN UP AND STORAGE: Our food thawing tray is simple to use and makes clean up a breeze. Place your frozen food directly on its surface and allow it to defrost naturally. This food-grade, silicone-coated thawing tray for frozen meat prevents food from sticking, so simply wash with soapy water and rinse after each use. Store on its side on your counter or in a cupboard, so it's always handy to help you save time and energy in preparing delectable meals from frozen foods.


  • 2 Years Limited Warranty. 30 Days easy return policy.